Luis Bio Picture

artist at a glance

  • Born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1954

  • Studied at the Provincial School of Fine  Arts

  • Obtained title of Architect and Development Designer from the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba

  • Lived in the D.C. Area since 1987

Artist’s Statement

I don’t see my paintings just as an interpretation of music, I see my work as an orchestration of new music, a ‘symphony of paintings’, if you will. Each painting incorporates different rhythms and repetitions to create continuity and fluidity within the “song”. These areas of transparency give the impression of transience, like a note played, suspended briefly in the air, and disappearing as the next note follows. Each painting has been described as “truly musical in spirit, with its diversity of color tones and shapes that flow harmoniously across the canvas.” My latest series – Script/Geminis – is a new approach to music. In these new paintings I return to an instinctual gut reaction to art. I search to find my initial, instinctual graphical esthetic: a return to a more basic and primitive feeling, in which I combine improvisational movements inspired by the music.

Would a symphony be as empowering, engrossing, and graceful if it were made up of only one instrument playing the same melody? In order to impact an audience, a concert combines the melodies, harmonies, and different tones produced by each unique instrument. In the same manner, my paintings are created individually, but with a harmonious concept in mind. Alone, they are redolent of a unique and enchanting melody. However, together, they create an orchestra of colors, lines, and sweeping forms that form images of simultaneous spontaneity and control, improvisation and grace.

My paintings provide an outlet for me to express myself through colors and brushstrokes, just as a musician experiments with sounds and instruments to create a melody. At the same time, I strive to let my “music” express itself spontaneously, and find pleasure in being part of the “musical” process without feeling compromised to adhere to any form of aesthetic constrains. Creating music through art allows me to transcend dimensional spaces by using a dimensional medium. I see myself as a spectator taking in each “sound” without total knowledge of how the “music” will sound to the audience.

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