Luis' work can be found on display throughout the United States and South America. Additionally, his artwork has found a home in many homes and offices throughout the world.

Partial display list:

  • Arts Club of Washington, DC 
  • Century Art Gallery: Williamsburg, VA 
  • Estremoz, Portugal: Project Exhibit 
  • International Juried Show: Visual Arts Center, NJ
  • National Abstract Exhibition: Greenwood, IN
  • Song at BoxHeart: Pittsburg, PA
  • Arlington Arts Center: (Equinox) Arlington,VA
  • DC Art Expo MMVI: Washington, DC
  • International Juried Exhibition: Pittsburg, PA
  • Dangenart Gallery: Nashville, TN 
  • Box Heart Gallery: Pittsburg, PA
  • Agora Gallery: New York, NY
  • Three Eagle Gallery: WI
  • Grace Gallery: Reston, VA
  • Touchstone Gallery: Washington, DC
  • Artist's Museum: Washington, DC
  • Exhibition Hall of Visual Arts, Rafaela: Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Provincial Exhibition Hall: Córdoba, Argentina
  • National Exhibition Hall - Alta Gracia: Córdoba, Argentina.
  • Exhibit Hall of San Francisco: Santa Fe, Argentina.




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